Our story so far…

  • Twenty years ago the island nation of Calul invaded the Kingdom of Meadowhall, often shortened to just the kingdom.

    The savagery of the Calulians left the kingdom wrought with destruction and peril, thousands lost their lives.

    After ten years of fighting the Royal Army of Meadowhall was able to break the Calulians and send them back to their island home.

    It was not without cost however. The King of Meadowhall had fallen in battle. His only son, a boy of two years was now the crowned monarch of the kingdom.

    Ten years has passed since his coronation. People are displeased as crime has risen and whispers of another invasion ride on the wind…



Twenty years ago the island nation of Calul invaded the Kingdom of Meadowhall, often shortened to just the kingdom.


  • Live-By-The-Sword-Will


    A strong and capable fighter who is also the younger brother of Edgar. Their father raised them to be Warriors fighting to protect their village. While Edgar spent some time away from Greenwood, William is close friends with Brooke, Sarah and Issac.

  • Live-By-The-Sword-Brooke


    A childhood friend of Edgar and Will, while growing up Brooke witnessed a tragedy averted by the skill of a Medic. She swore then to train to become the best she could even travelling as far as Monasteria to hone her magical healing ability.

  • Live-By-The-Sword-Edgar


    Williams older brother. After his father passed away Edgar stepped into the role of village protector, eventually he relinquished the role to William as he had realized his brother surpassed him in combat, especially with how well he worked with his friends.

  • Live-By-The-Sword-Sarah


    Raised to be a keen Archer and sharpshooter Sarah is the villages best scout. Routinely going out and tracking wolf packs or thief gang movements reporting back to William their status. Sarah may not talk much but when she does the information is crucial.

  • Live-By-The-Sword-Issac


    An oddball Alchemist. He left Greenwood when he was young travelling to Morague, the swamp city, to train in the alchemical sciences. When he returned years later the other villagers could barely recognize him. However his childhood friends accepted him back with open arms.

  • Live-By-The-Sword-Roland


    An old Wizard who served in the royal military, Roland retired after the last war, he decided to travel and see the rest of Orlia. On these travels he found an orphaned Jack. Realising the boy was mere days from death he adopted him they have been travelling around the continent ever since.

  • Live-By-The-Sword-Jack


    An orphaned child who gre up outside of the kingdom. Through necessity he became a Brawler, fighting to survive and then eventually fighting for fun. His mentor is Roland who has taken on the role of adoptive father.

  • Guy

    Not much is known about Guy other than he is an Assassin and as such it can be assumed he is from Moss Side. Guy seems to not offer up much information either but two things are clear, he is good at combat and he can’t let business die down.

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