Game Modes

Live by the Sword: Tactics features many ways to play whether that be Single Player or Multiplayer.

In the next update we will be adding in Ranked Multiplayer and Board Builder.

  • English Story


    Our Story follows William and his companions as they travel through the Kingdom of Meadowhall.

  • Live by the Sword_ Tactics 27_10_2022 16_07_14


    Fight against the AI.

  • English 7


    Build Orlia as you see fit, travel around and defeat enemies to earn gold. Beware death is permanent in this mode.

  • English 5


    Fight against another player either online or local. Battles can be either 3v3 or 5v5.

  • English 6


    Play through battles and try to win them in the least amount of moves. Tactician fights have unique aspects to them.

  • 560 x 315

    Board Creator

    Post release content. Build your own boards and share with friends.

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